Summer body ? Let’s embrace ourselves!

Hello! I wish you a Sunny Day! A lovely summer break, full of joy and fulfilment. And as we’re well onto that summertime madness, we may also be deeply obsessed focused on our body shapes. Ultimately, what a great time of the year to make that bit of show-off? And this is the only thing we should be focused on. Well, focused on this and on (faithfully) enjoying the blue sky and warmth.

But wait… What is that we still seem worried or feel like we’re not slim enough? Not toned enough? Not good enough? Let’s look into this…

Don’t let society and random words define your shape

Life is a funny game. In this game, we tend to chose the easyness, while we should always most of time embrace and overcome challenges. It is known, any breakthrough comes from outside our comfort zones. So yes, the easy way of receiving negative comments is simply to let them drop us down. Let them define what or who we are. Make them work against us. But the time has come to change that trend. To leave that easyness and start to embrace our shapes, through our eyes, through our loving and caring eyes. To stop moaning, criticizing, or self-shaming ourselves!

May your Summer Shape become your All Time Shape. The shape you feel comfortable with, and which is not putting your health in danger. Don’t be too hard with yourself. You are gorgeous, and you deserve gorgeous feedback. Be the best you, all the time. Our Summer Shapes don’t have to be our struggles, but our strenghts. So scroll down for a bit more. 💕


Play Hard, Have Fun, Get it

You may also love to set yourself a pre-summer challenge, to get fit or improve yourself before the warmer days. And that’s completely great! Just remember that we shouldn’t remained obsessed by a few extra pounds, or try to get rid of those few extra pounds in a few weeks or a few days (or a few hours…). Sadly it is not the way our organisms work, and the most common result may just be you ending up frustrated, or even ashamed?! Our challenges are meant to empower ourselves, not to drop us down. Patience and commitment are essential skills here.

We said it, to get to our body goals, no guilt is allowed. Workout as a reward, to improve yourself and to be the best you day after day. Never workout as a punishment for having “eaten too much” or “not been in great shape”. Your mindset remain the key, and positive results come with positive minds.

The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. So make sure it is a loving one.


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