Hi there! Thank you so much for finding your way here!

Overall, I’m just like you! Someone who loves life at any cost, an eternal dreamer, a ball of pure energy! 90’s kid, fitness and wellness lover, passionate of cosmology, travelling, discovering the world and beyond, the game of life, online industries, and so on… Important fact: Certified chocoholic !

On a side note, I’m a global social media specialist for a major global company, playing around more than 60 brands over 5 different channels (you said it, challenges and knowledge are some of the many things I’m ultra thirsty of 😜). Also feeling so deeply driven and inspired by this Feel Good Do Good Be Good motto, I simply needed to push it harder, to the point of helping as many loving beings as possible became the little something that drove me up everyday… Here were created DW Wellness Ltd, and DW TV. Feel welcome to follow the links for some more! Just because we better Play Hard and Have Fun. And Act Smart.

Other than that, born and raised in Paris (France), re-born and rising in London (UK) where my little life is.

Let’s jump to our new life together. There’s nothing that makes me more happy than seeing you happy! And as always, if you’d love to know more, drop me a message here.

With passion and happiness,

Love yourself.
Love yourself