Love yourself. Take the power back!

Hello you! I hope you’re having a gorgeous day. And if not, that your next day, and the other following ones are going to be better… To be great! I said it, at the end, everything is going to be okay. And if it is not okay, then it is not the end…

Only what you see matters

I would love to share a little trick about how I managed to feel more peaceful in life. How I managed to feel better with myself, inside and out and then focused on making the people I care about shine and grow. How I stopped hating the haters, because I became too busy loving the lovers.

I used to care about other people’s opinions. I used to feel better pleasing others, even if, in some instances, it was against my values, principles, beliefs, or even mood… Because hey, after all, if I wanted others to appreciate me, what could I do but pleasing them, and putting them first. First, even before my own wellbeing. And while I was too busy focusing on what others could tell me, think of me, say about me, feel about me, while I was too worried hurting or upsetting them, I realised overtime that I was leaving someone behind. someone who was slowly but surely diving and emotionally dying, without even realising it… Someone, was me. Learning how to chose my circles was life-changing, along with learning how to build myself and my existence around my proper values. Scroll down! 😊


Other people’s opinions does not define your value

A part of awakening was to stop acting in a people-pleasing basis. I worked on myself, on strenghetning my mind. I am naturally optimistic and positive, but it is primmordial to stay a constant learner, and to grow a little bit more everyday. I decided that the only valuable and accurate facts about myself, had to come from myself. I am the one who defines my value, fortunately empowered by my closed loving ones. I stopped letting other’s negative opinions, close-minded beliefs or defeatists moods weaken my motivation, my hapiness, or the trust in my abilities. Here, I’m not referring to constructive critics, but to free cruel words, or to attempts to screw someone down. I became naturally resilient, and exponentially stronger.

Please, never ever let other people’s define your value. Never let anyone’s behaviour, words or insecurities negatively impact the way you feel about yourself, or lose your cool. And on the other end, never let overly positive comments higher your ego. It is always pleasant to receive and accept rewards, and to be conscious of our values, but humility is a sweet virtue. Never let any being take control of your life by giving their words more value than they really deserve, or even worth. Be true to yourself, and always do your best to take and keep control of your feelings, and of your behaviour. Your value is and will only be defined by you. Because you are as awesome as you don’t dare believing. And when you meet the truly loving ones, may they be close family, travel friends, that random guy you cross paths with, or any living being, you’ll be able to see how even greater your value can turn onto the eyes of caring and loving minds.

The longest relationship is the one you have with yourself. Make sure it is a loving, a caring, a truthful one and a peaceful one.

With care and love,


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