Get Better, Just a Click Away.

Hello you! I hope you're having a gorgeous day, and you and the beloved ones are all well and safe during these trying times. Taking care of oneself, both physically, emotionally and mentally can sometimes be a challenge. And because I feel we're stronger together, I'd love to introduce you to an online network I … Continue reading Get Better, Just a Click Away.

Summer body ? Let’s embrace ourselves!

Hello! I wish you a Sunny Day! A lovely summer break, full of joy and fulfilment. And as we're well onto that summertime madness, we may also be deeply obsessed focused on our body shapes. Ultimately, what a great time of the year to make that bit of show-off? And this is the only thing … Continue reading Summer body ? Let’s embrace ourselves!

YOUR BODY GOAL! 5 helpful secrets…

Hello you! You're having a gorgeous day! And it's going to go even even better hopefully, as I'd love to share a few tips and tricks on how I remain fit and healthy almost effortlessly, and all naturally. Life is a game, let's Play it Hard, and Love it all along! Back to basics You … Continue reading YOUR BODY GOAL! 5 helpful secrets…

Weight loss: No guilt allowed.

Hello! Your day is being great! And as a matter of fact, at a certain time of our lives, most of us may have felt like we needed to┬álose weight. Or lose fat. Or get slimmer. So, we felt we could try any supra-drastic no carbs no fats no sugars no calories no life diet. … Continue reading Weight loss: No guilt allowed.

Fat burn: tip is to trick it!

One efficient way to easily burn fat seems to be by tricking your metabolism. We'll be coming back to that point from time to time, but yet we know that our brain has one main and ultimate mission: to keep us alive. To the point it will analyse and save your environment, and prepare your … Continue reading Fat burn: tip is to trick it!

Don’t go nuts… Eat them!

Nuts... Not only are they yummy, tasty, crunchy, easily accessible and affordable. They are also a wonderful ally for your health and fitness! On nutritional facts, they are a great source of proteins, healthy fats, and clean carbs. They can also help on lowering the bad cholesterol, and on boosting your metabolism. As the closest … Continue reading Don’t go nuts… Eat them!