Take a break… To take it to the top.

Hello you! Have an amazing day! You may feel you have been pretty busy… You may feel you haven’t been busy enough. But no matter how you feel, you deserve a break.

Life is a game, but is not always a long quiet river… And this is not a wrong thing ultimately, as we sometimes need those challenges and hurricanes to spice up our games, and appreciate our accomplishments even more, to feel the pride, and the gratefulness. We know that we can do anything, we also know that we do need enough energy to get to any point. We will also remember that every step matters, and that the key is to enjoy any and every of those steps, or at least take the best of it.

Take a break. Take it to the top. – Diana FP

Having that in mind, let’s not forget about keeping our energy to a high level, and positively oriented. Taking a little break to take it to the top will soon become ultra helpful. Don’t get me wrong here… By taking a break, I don’t mean laying down and doing nothing. One day more, one day less… But I mean recharging our inner batteries. Taking some time to take care about all the areas that matters in our lives. Spending quality time with the loved ones, doing what we love, discovering, exploring, trying new areas… I somehow used to feel guilty taking breaks, I soon realised how empowering, energising  breaks are, and how it allowed me to always remain focused and motivated. Having too much of something may feel overwhelming. Not having enough of something may feel frustrating. You shouldn’t have to go to a burn out, or a bore out to meet your breakthrough. I’ve been through both. I got stronger. So enjoy your break, as when you feel like you miss something, getting back to it can be as delightful as satisfying.

Take care, 💕


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