Success: Trust and positiveness.

Hello you! Definitely yes! It requires a lot of passion, of determination, of confidence, and some energy to start and achieve projects and reach goals, and getting closer to our own scales of success.

From that point, I could notice, feel and experience that a major influence in  life’s decisions and actions was directly linked to the people we like, or love, or appreciate, or are close to: our inner circles, our close surroundings, our own VIPs. This circle is made of the people we value and aim to take care the most. Of the people we love so much, we know we will be around each others for a lifetime, more or less closer; but we are also aware of their preciousness, so we will naturally give them the importance they deserve, and receive it in return. We will keep in mind and in heart that their worth is too high to be lost, and that in life, we will always have time for what matters to us.

It is then becoming primordial to chose the people we’re surrounded with. I didn’t say select, I said chose. Chose, with the heart, not select, with the brain. I always love meeting new people and enlarging my circle, at least for the perpetual learning, enrichment, and lovely times. However when it comes to life projects, it appeared that sharing, focusing and reaching out to the closest circle has been the key to use energy efficiently, and to jump onto a project with faith and confidence. But now, how to chose our inner buddies as efficiently as possible, when starting a new adventure ? Here we go!


The one(s) you can blindly trust.

When we’re setting up projects, ideas, or strategies, or even have certain feelings, and aim to share them to a sweetly chosen people, we usually don’t enjoy figuring out that these informations have been shared, or haven’t been taken seriously. Keeping partners info or secrets for ourselves shows the importance we bring to the info we’ve been given in general, and to them in general. On the other end, we tend to not feel comfortable feeling that we are sharing moods with some-ones who aren’t including us in their circles. You’re aware you are a blindly trustable being, you should expect being surrounded by like-minded allies.

The one(s) who brings confidence up.

As you’d like to be close to people you can blindly trust, you’ll also have all interest in sharing with those who blindly trust you. Who trust your determination, you ability to succeed. They don’t need to share your vision nor point of view, but they will need to believe in you, and to make you feel, or comfort you in the fact that you can do anything. It won’t necessarily be a matter of shared words or encouragements, nor taken actions. Even if this will clearly have a role, at the root, let’s remind ourselves that it will be a matter of feeling. As when someone doesn’t believe in you, you will feel it (paradoxically, this is also a part of motivation, we’ll get into it later 😊). Ultimately, you can make it by yourself. But it is way easier and more enjoyable to achieve it with the support, trust and motivation of those who believe in you, at least as much as you do believe in yourself.

The empowering one(s).

The motivation, love and commitment has to come from yourself. But being surrounded with close minded ones will increase those. If you want great partners, be someone’s great partner. Naturally. Instinctively. Spontaneously. Not because you need it, but because you love it. Surround yourself with people who sprays the goodness and the positiveness, while preparing you for any though times. With people who highlight and embrace the opportunity, while making you understand that the risk may not be minimal, but represent 0% of this opportunity, and will just be another challenge. People who inspire you, not compete with you or push their egos forward. People who empower you, not control you or try to influence your beliefs in a way that wouldn’t suit you. People who support you, not owe you. People who guide you, not bossy you. Who respect your aims, your personality, your aspirations. People who wants to help you, be part of your adventure somehow, as they want you to succeed as much as you want them to succeed.

Always made with love and passion💕,


Trust is the basis of love, links and life. It doesn’t need to be given. It doesn’t need to be received. It has to be shared. – Diana Fotsing

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