Love yourself. Take the power back!

Hello you! I hope you're having a gorgeous day. And if not, that your next day, and the other following ones are going to be better... To be great! I said it, at the end, everything is going to be okay. And if it is not okay, then it is not the end... Only what you … Continue reading Love yourself. Take the power back!

Embrace your feelings. Control your thinking!

Hello you! You're having a gorgeous day! It doesn't always need to be perfect, nor to be amazing or extraordinary. Our days sometimes just need to be appreciated. Let's always remember the luck, beauty and gratefulness of living another day. Of just having another chance to impact our little world, or to just spread good. … Continue reading Embrace your feelings. Control your thinking!

Back in shape: Retro Cardio.

Hello ! You're having a gorgeous day ! Even though life is sometimes a challenge, at the end of the day, it remains a game. We need to play it hard, we have to love it, and before all, have fun playing it. Even when losing those few stubborn pounds of fat or gaining those … Continue reading Back in shape: Retro Cardio.

Fat burn: Focus Citrus.

Hello you! Your day is going great! And as you landed here, your day is going amazingly great! Yes! Spring is just a few doorsteps away, and we may have accumulated a bit of fat, but just to survive during those cold winter days... Yet we woke up fancying that cute outfit, but feeling that … Continue reading Fat burn: Focus Citrus.

Weight loss: No guilt allowed.

Hello! Your day is being great! And as a matter of fact, at a certain time of our lives, most of us may have felt like we needed to lose weight. Or lose fat. Or get slimmer. So, we felt we could try any supra-drastic no carbs no fats no sugars no calories no life diet. … Continue reading Weight loss: No guilt allowed.

Success: Trust and positiveness.

Hello you! Definitely yes! It requires a lot of passion, of determination, of confidence, and some energy to start and achieve projects and reach goals, and getting closer to our own scales of success. From that point, I could notice, feel and experience that a major influence in  life's decisions and actions was directly linked … Continue reading Success: Trust and positiveness.

The sky is not the limit.

Hello there! You're having a wonderful day. I haven't asked "I hope you're having a wonderful day?", but said "you're having a wonderful day" ❤. Because you woke up today, or you'll wake up tomorrow in shape, a smile in your head, a smile on your face, and you'll remember, or you'll realise that you … Continue reading The sky is not the limit.

Fat burn: tip is to trick it!

One efficient way to easily burn fat seems to be by tricking your metabolism. We'll be coming back to that point from time to time, but yet we know that our brain has one main and ultimate mission: to keep us alive. To the point it will analyse and save your environment, and prepare your … Continue reading Fat burn: tip is to trick it!