The sky is not the limit.

Hello there! You’re having a wonderful day. I haven’t asked “I hope you’re having a wonderful day?”, but said “you’re having a wonderful day” ❤. Because you woke up today, or you’ll wake up tomorrow in shape, a smile in your head, a smile on your face, and you’ll remember, or you’ll realise that you can do anything. That the sky is not the limit, because the limit is beyond. The limit is you! You won’t necessarily know it straight away, but eventually you’ll realise it somehow, as this is just who you are, and as you are destined to accomplish anything you have in mind, if you strongly want and believe in it.

There is actually a pretty simple trick to help you remember, every day, that you can do anything. And as we’re loving games here, let’s take 5 minutes to try the one I call the “Challenge Accepted” one, which also helped me boost my confidence, and grow my self-faith.

You may have that big (or little) something you aim to do, or just dream you could do someday?… Picture it in your mind, think about it, and list any reasons that would make it becomes reality (those reasons can be as funny, as audacious, as outstanding as they are, ultimately they’ll remain sweetly kept between you, yourself, and you 😉). We will call this list the “I Will Make it” one. Then, list the reasons which make you feel like you cannot reach your goal at the moment. We will call that part the “Challenge Accepted” quotes.

And so on, a step to be able to do anything will simply be to focus on your “I Will Make It” to feel empowered, while always working on improving, blurring, handling and overcoming your “Accepted Challenges”. Yet this may sounds like a ridiculously easy way to get closer to your dreams, so easy that you wouldn’t even have anything to lose in giving it a try… So why not start today? I’d love to hear how it went!

Being focused, passionate, loving, faithful and determined are keys. Think Big Work Hard, and love every milliseconds.

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