Weight loss: No guilt allowed.

Hello! Your day is being great! And as a matter of fact, at a certain time of our lives, most of us may have felt like we needed to lose weight. Or lose fat. Or get slimmer. So, we felt we could try any supra-drastic no carbs no fats no sugars no calories no life diet. Remember? The frustrating restrictive diet, that one ! The one who mainly weakens us, both the mind and the body, the one who makes us feel guilty eating a square of chocolate or a tiny piece of cake. The one we can keep going with for one to two weeks, if not less ?…

There are a few secrets for an efficient, long-lasting with no yo-yo effect weight loss. The known ones include a balanced and diversified diet, an optimal amount of water, enough rest and sleep, and a regular physical activity. The less known one includes the fact of rewarding ourselves. It doesn’t mean treating ourselves with a pound of candies or chocolate for dinner, but it involves being aware of the fact that having a square of a treat once in a while won’t hurt us, nor our shapes or our diets, but the very contrary. Mind trick: we tend to be way more efficient, committed and determined when we feel pleasure and blooming,  rather than pain and frustration.


BUT, we will also need to keep in mind that the quality of our treats is key. We do need carbs, fats, sugars, and rewards. The healthy ones, the unrefined and minimally processed ones, the treats who’ll treat us well. And what I would love you to remember is to, please, never feel guilty treating yourself once a week. And being a certified fit chocoholic myself, I can confidently notice that, along with a clean diet, a balanced life style and enough physical activity, I can enjoy some treats and desserts whenever I fancy some, without putting that much fat on. Another mind trick: when we know we can treat ourselves anytime, we’ll naturally tend to be less tempted by treating ourselves with unhealthy goods. So let’s love it, as we do deserve it! 😊

Get Fit Eat Chocolate!

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