Sweet dreams, sleep well.

Hello you! I wish you a wonderful night. A night full of love, hope and joy. Also, a relaxing, healing, and restoring night. A wonderful trip to your dreams. To feel awake, we better sleep! As far as we should remember, the most important moment of the day, is the night. From my perspective and … Continue reading Sweet dreams, sleep well.

The sky is not the limit.

Hello there! You're having a wonderful day. I haven't asked "I hope you're having a wonderful day?", but said "you're having a wonderful day" ❤. Because you woke up today, or you'll wake up tomorrow in shape, a smile in your head, a smile on your face, and you'll remember, or you'll realise that you … Continue reading The sky is not the limit.

It’s a celebration… It’s a relaxation!

New year New you? Or... Just you, an even healthier, an even greater, an even better you! There is this point we will never forget: the rest is as important as anything else. So, after all those fantastic festivities, we will just take it easy for five minutes, and give our bodies, spirits and minds … Continue reading It’s a celebration… It’s a relaxation!