A Try is a Lie.

Hello you! Fantastic you! Smiling, faithful and joyful you. You’re having a fabulous day. You’re not trying to have a fabulous day. You’re living it. Or perhaps not yet. But you will. Because a try is nothing more than a mind’s trick that just doesn’t exist…

We either Do, or Don’t.

We know that it requires some strength, confidence, faith, passion, patience and commitment to achieve anything and everything in our existences. Yet we need to stop seeking excuses, and start finding ways. Because any situation has its solution(s). This is part of the few reasons as to why many of us felt onto the “try” mind’s trick. Thinking about it, the action of “trying” is impossible to accomplish, but ends up most of time being a simple excuse to not do what we supposedly try. As a matter of fact, we either start something, we either achieve something, or we either not do anything. Indeed? Try to smile. Right now 😄. See? You smiled. Or you did not smile. But you didn’t try to smile. You either did it, or did not. So let’s forget about all those tries, and start putting some Do’s in our lives.

What would “trying” even be ?


I feel like you may still be blinded by the Trying illusion, and I deeply trust that some day, you realize how tricky this notion is. Because most (if not all) of time, it will get you in the mood of not attempting anything, rather than looking for ways to do great. We don’t need to get up everyday and try to do something. We want to get up everyday, and DO something.

Thinking about doing something is planning, dreaming, allowing a project, a goal to exist, and eventually to happen and become a success. But it is not trying. Because trying doesn’t exist. We do. We start doing. Or we don’t do.

Please don’t try, and take care,💕


When you use the word “try”, the minute you use that word, you are setting yourself up for failure. You’re giving yourself a way out when something doesn’t work out. – Dan Lok 

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