YOUR BODY GOAL! 5 helpful secrets…

Hello you! You’re having a gorgeous day! And it’s going to go even even better hopefully, as I’d love to share a few tips and tricks on how I remain fit and healthy almost effortlessly, and all naturally. Life is a game, let’s Play it Hard, and Love it all along!

Back to basics

You may already know how much I love to eat, to workout, and how I am driven and boosted by this “Feel Good Get Good” mood I love to spread. Today, it’s time for me to answer this question I’m often asked… Diana, what’s your secret?. My secrets aren’t into any 100+ ingredients powders, food substitution, miracle body treatment or new age pill, unnecessarily frustrating restrictive short-lasting diets. My secrets?… Scroll down for some more. 🌞



We are what we eat. We’ll love to eat well, and to bring our bodies all the nutrients they need to be healthy, strong, fit and toned. My all time rule: it has to be good for the mouth, and good for the body. Unrefined real food, as close as possible to its natural state. Eat enough! There’s nothing worse that not eating enough, lowering your metabolism, and lose mostly muscle mass (and not fat mass like many of us may believe) to compensate for the lack of fuel.


We are what we drink! An optimal well-being comes with an optimal hydratation. Drink water, green tea, homemade fruit or veggie juice or smoothie. In many situations, extra weight comes from retained water, as if you’re not giving your organism enough water, your organism will have to protect himself by making some preventive reserves… Water retention!


To be awake, we better sleep! Not only to heal or regenerate ourselves, but also to naturally adjust the metabolism (which is an important key when it comes to shape our bodies), to help for an easier hunger control, and to regenerate our energy.


Move your body, shake your booty, enjoy life and sweat just a little bit! You don’t need to spend daily hours at the gym, but just to move a few 30 mins a day. Walk, dance, jump, twist… Let’s do what we love, but never forget to get our daily dose of sweat. First, to naturally boost our metabolisms, lose fat, define our body shapes, strengthen our organisms, reduce potential muscle or bone pain. Then, also to feel good, inside. Our bodies will deeply thank us!


Because the peace of body also comes with the peace of mind. Let’s remind ourselves that the rest and pleasure is as important as the effort and work. Whenever you need it,  stretch, relax and meditate. Our brains are and will be functioning 24/7 until the end of our games. Give our minds the breaks and peace they deserve. Without moderation !

For some more, feel welcome to check my below debrief! I’ve been speaking French, but don’t worry! English subtitles are on the way.

Take care, 💕


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