Shock it Shape it Shake it.

Hey you! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Hope you’re up for a sweaty day ? Your body loves it, so (or will) you. Let’s jump onto it!

Surprise surprise…

The ultimate goal of our brain and bodies is to keep us alive, yes. From this point, our organisms will do whatever it cost to heal us, protect us, and adapt the quickest and the best way it can to any situations. One of an ultra efficient way of burning fat and on modifying our body shapes, is by justly surprising our organisms. When I need to lose some extra weight in the least amount of time, I drastically change my diet and training plan for a few days, and can see results pretty quickly (can be up to 3 to 4 kilos in a week, thanks to a fast metabolism too). Be careful here, as, no matter the situation, you should always prioritize your health and seek the advise of your practitioner before starting any meal or diet plan.

Here, we’ll jump onto a challenging Cardio Insanity session from Shaun T, through Doctor Oz channel. For an optimal efficiency, nutrition is key! The way you eat and what you’ll give your body even counts for 80% of the result. We said it, clean carbs and high proteins are the real deal.

Feel welcome to grab your towel, some water, and give it a try !

And for some latin vibes as a warm up, you can also try my quick Cardio do Rio workout , at home!

Play hard Have Fun,


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