Embrace your feelings. Control your thinking!

Hello you! You’re having a gorgeous day! It doesn’t always need to be perfect, nor to be amazing or extraordinary. Our days sometimes just need to be appreciated. Let’s always remember the luck, beauty and gratefulness of living another day. Of just having another chance to impact our little world, or to just spread good. Carpe Diem. Love is Life. Life is Love.

Being true to ourselves

Yet we can control how we look, our body language, our behavior, our facial expression, our tone of voice, the words we use or how we’re using them, or any mind trick. But we cannot control our emotions, or what we spread. The very good news is, we don’t need to control our emotions, because this is justly what makes us enjoying lives as living beings, what makes us rich and so fascinating. We’re not illuminated. Feeling good is great, but the point is to not feeling guilty when we’re not always at the top of the rock. Sometimes, feeling bad is good too. We can sometimes feel that is making us weaker, while justly, it is often either strenghtening us, guiding us, helping us learn, or giving us warnings that something should be improved in our lives. We don’t need to always feel good. We just need to learn to deal with unpleasant feelings, and to do our best to get back to our best state as quick as needed, and for as long as possible. We don’t need to control our emotions. But we need to control our thinking, so we can make our emotions work on our side to get stronger, not against us to get weaker, or lose some precious energy.


Feeling bad? All GOOD!

We often tend to approach what is considered as “bad feelings” as something shameful or taboo. We should start to embrace our feelings, and whenever we’re not feeling emotionally great, wonder what should be done to improve it, or how. Smiling can be a trick, but thinking towards the bright side and see the opportunity will also be a great help.  The improvement should soon come up by itself. We need to deeply understand that all our feelings, no matter how great they are, are part of us. This is why we need to be true to ourselves. We’re not talking about moaning all the time, or shouting when we’re angry, or making a fuss when we’re disappointed. We’re talking here about stop trying to hurt ourselves by controlling our emotions, to just letting them go, and control our thinking and behavior to not let our emotions rule us, but guide us, and making us feel as awesome as we are. Laugh Hard if you need it. Cry Loud if that’s helpful. But don’t try to hide or fake your emotions. Embrace your feelings!

Embrace your feelings. Control your thinking! – Diana FP

Take care💕,


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