Good for the mood. Smile. Hug!

Hello you! I hope you’re having an amazing day! I know you’re loved, you’re missed, you’re awaited, you’re admired. I also know you’re inspiring, strong, and loving too ! You may not realize it yet, but trust me… You are !

And yet we have that great power. The power of being happy and loved. And even better, the one of sharing it, and of making the ones around us happy and loved. Because this is all what matters, and while giving is receiving, is there any better feeling as the one of sharing something as precious as comfort and happiness ?


To feel good… LET’S HUG!

Because sharing a hug is not only good for the mood, not only giving that comfort, reducing any stress, or simply spreading those lovely endorphins, dopamins and oxytocin which brings our organisms those doses of excitation, pleasure and well-being (we’ll go back to those points afterwards 😜). It also fills us with happiness, confidence, peace, and has been proven to be one of the best treatment against fear, anger and anxiety. Yet we know that the most powerful words are the ones who can be easily told without pronouncing a word. No long speech needed, just see the ones you want to take care of, smile, and hug !

With care and love…


“The Best Place in the World is Inside a Hug” – J Quest



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