Fat burn: Focus Citrus.

Hello you! Your day is going great! And as you landed here, your day is going amazingly great! Yes! Spring is just a few doorsteps away, and we may have accumulated a bit of fat, but just to survive during those cold winter days… Yet we woke up fancying that cute outfit, but feeling that we may love to be toned for those warmer days, at least just a little bit! If you feel this way too, feel welcome to keep on reading for one of my favorite trick 😄.

We said Yes! To citrus | Why is citrus good to burn fat.

If you tried (and now love) to trick your body, you will also fall for this ultra simple and super efficient trick to help you boost your metabolism, burn fat quicker and almost effortlessly, and get a healthier heart. This one has been known and advised by specialists for decades, and as I could feel and see long-terms results myself, I could not not share it! Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine: Grapefruit. Not “grapefruit with honey”, nor “grapefruit with sugar” 😜, but “grapefruit”. Plain, slightly bitter but deliciously healthy “grapefruit with its antioxidants and vitamin C”.

Considering their high antioxidants and vitamin C contents, and low calories content, citrus (especially grapefruit, lemon and lime) are great allies to burn fat smoothly and naturally. This mostly resides in the fact that they are low in calories, but requires a lot of energy to be processed by our organisms. Their vitamin C content also helps on stimulating the body fat, on burning it, which will therefore be used by our bodies way more easily. While the nutrients that requires the most energy to be processed by the body remains the proteins, citrus remains among the favorite fatburn nutrients, and even more when we will quickly see them significantly help us doing the fatburning work. In homemade juices, infused in hot water, or by themselves, just give a go to those yummy healthy fatburning bombs ! And not only! I came across a helpful article from Media News Today, which goes deeper onto the benefits of grapefruit. And for more details on how I use citrus for an efficient and safe fatburning, keep on scrolling down!


Grapefruit, how and when ?

From my perspective, I’m replacing any dessert or casual fruit with grapefruit during a short period of time (never over 3 weeks in a row), and only when I need a real cut, or need to get slimmer faster for a specific occasion. The equivalent of one whole grapefruit in 1 to 2 days. If over-consumed, it may weaken the throat, and any drastic and brutal body transformation or meal plan will shock our organisms, either in a good, or less good way. We want to savor it, and only get its benefits!

I used to drop my body fat mass from 24% to 22% in about two weeks simply by using this tip, and by respecting our eat – drink – move – sleep motto. By maintaining a regular physical activity, by eating clean, by staying hydrated with enough water, and by doing my best to get those eight hours of sleep. As a reminder, it is not the grapefruit itself that will allow you to reach your goals, but your overall lifestyle, your commitment, your patience, and your motivation.

As a gentle reminder, please always seek the advice of your practitioner before starting any meal or any training plan.

Let me know how it goes,

With love,


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