Sweet dreams, sleep well.

Hello you! I wish you a wonderful night. A night full of love, hope and joy. Also, a relaxing, healing, and restoring night. A wonderful trip to your dreams. To feel awake, we better sleep! As far as we should remember, the most important moment of the day, is the night. From my perspective and experience, here’s mostly why!

When the physique says Thanks! How our sleep impacts our physical health.

To great sleepers come great physiques! A healthy lifestyle does come with a balanced and healthy diet, enough hydratation and a regular physical activity. But also and before all with a high quality sleep. It is commonly recommended to have five minutes eight hours of sleep a day. A night, as the time we reach our bed is as important as the length of our sleep. By simply respecting our biological clocks, we’ll naturally accelerate our metabolisms, for a naturally energetic, strong, resistant and endurant body, as well as a more than easy weight control, an improved immune function, and a boosted healing. On a side note, we’ll also appreciate having bright eyes, blurred wrinkles, no dark circles, and an improved skin texture 😊.

Sleep well and think well! Our brain operates twenty-four / seven since we landed here, and until we’ll fly away. Having enough sleep and allowing it to heal us, store knowledge, creates memory, and getting us ready for the next day will be the least thing we’ll be able to do to show him the respect he deserves. And we’ll get into this deeper soon.


Sleep, if you do mind. How our sleep influences our psychical health.

Sleeping is not only primordial for a healthy organism. It also is the basis of a peaceful and positive mind. Let’s remind ourselves our 99-1 principle. Ninety-nine percent of our accomplishments are laying in our minds, our mindsets, our thinking, our intentions, or just our dreams. As simple as it may sound, we will not underestimate the power of our will. Our emotions, our feelings, our moods and interactions are significantly (if not fully) impacted by the quality of our sleep. Our positiveness, motivation and commitment being some of the keys to our success, let’s sleep as well as we can, to increase those keys effortlessly, and love it!

Be positive. Be proactive. Be inspired. Sleep!

Sweet dreams,


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