Workout: But… Butt?

Dear butt, let’s take a sit. We’re so grateful to have you. We’re constantly using you! You’re not only the biggest group muscle in our human bodies. You’re not only considered as one of its strongest muscles. You’re not only primordial to the hips and thigh rotation, to help on maintaining our bodies straight upright, to preserve our hamstrings, leg joints, and ligaments. You’re also a great ally on defining our overall shapes. We love you firm and bubbly, or round and juicy, or flat and gelatinous, or squared and waffly? No matter our tastes, no matter our shapes, we love to see you growing or getting firmer. And we will never put you on the back.


Hello you, by the way! Your day is going great! And is most certainly about to get even greater? Let’s go back to a bit of sweat, as it’s been a little while!

We won’t be sensual nor sassy here (😅). The session will only be focused on some glutes toning and strength. If you’d love to bubble up your butt, feel welcome to give it a try! Grab your mat, some water, and enjoy the fiesta! Always and only in five minutes!

Click here for my homemade quick butt routine, and feel welcome to check this video from Fitness Blender for some overall butt lifting. Have a wonderful workout, I can’t wait to hear how it went!


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