Fat burn: tip is to trick it!

One efficient way to easily burn fat seems to be by tricking your metabolism. We’ll be coming back to that point from time to time, but yet we know that our brain has one main and ultimate mission: to keep us alive. To the point it will analyse and save your environment, and prepare your body to survive, by any means. And there is one basic situation in which your body will feel like you’re getting weaker: this will be when you’ll be using your inner ressources – losing weight, losing fat, muscle, or water mass.

As our ultimate guardian angel, your body will interpret any significant weight change as a threat to its mission, and will protect itself straight away, most of times by lowering the metabolism to use as less calories as possible, and by creating some preventive stock of fat and/or water. And the side effects will quickly show up (as examples, we may have experienced the yo-yo effect after getting back to normal from an overly restrictive diet, or the “stagnant weight” trap after having lost weight, but having maintained the same diet or training time for over 3 weeks – as the body gets used to any change, and adapts itself by lowering the amount of used calories, to avoid losing any further weight- ).

Depending on your basic metabolism, your current situation or any special condition, you may need to follow a specific diet based on your specific needs, and your patrician will be the best person to help you out on this area. However, one ultra affective solution I observed to constantly burn fat was to trick the metabolism. We will want our bodies to have enough stamina to function at their bests, but not too many extra kcal t3ella-olsson-1141841-unsplashhat may end up being stocked (most of time, in fat or water). We will also like to put our organisms in conditions where they doesn’t feel they needs to stock any preventive extra, but where they will use the calories we’ll give them efficiently. We will also have to keep in mind that our bodies will use a part of the calories we’ll eat to survive, and will stock any extra source of calories, also to survive. Hence, one of the ways to trick our bodies will be to focus on one single source of pure energy per meal, so the organism has enough to function well, but doesn’t have any available extra to stock. To make the equation as simple as possible, let’s say that the basis of our meals will be structured around proteins, to which we will add one single source of energy (either carbs or fats), but we will avoid to have carbs added to fats at a single intake (remember, the body will use one source to function, and one source to stock). Healthy and unrefined sources will suit us better 😋. And as usual, we will prefer having the lighter meals for diner, as our metabolisms are lower while we’re asleep.

Try this trick, you’ll love it! I personally love myself a chicken sweet potatoes combo, but for some ultra tasty and easy recipes, I came across healthy ideas from Fitness Blender. And more energy from food here, explained by Healthline.

As always, never forget that discipline, commitment and patience are keys to any accomplishment. Eat Hard Love Harder.

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