Your back has your back.

Because there is a natural, healthy, fast and ultra fun way to never be trapped under back pain, to get an improved posture, and to even get some toned abs as a side effect, in five minutes a day: workout, tone your back!

Our back has a primordial role in our posterior body structure, but we somehow tend to forget how primordial it is to keep it in shape. Like the other parts of our bodies, we should love to take care of it, and be thrilled to include it in our training routines. Not only we will have an improved posture, but we’ll also feel stronger and energized, and will limit any spine weaknesses. As the main risk of not training your back is you might will engage your spine more than your back muscles, which are there to justly do the back up work for you. As a plus, flat belly seekers will be reminded that to have a toned belly, you need to tone your back too. 😄

So… Grab your mat, bottle, towel, say out loud ” Goodbye Back Pain”, and give it the punch it deserves with this full back workout from Anabolic Aliens. I can’t wait to hear how it went! Play Hard Have Fun!

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