It’s a celebration… It’s a relaxation!

New year New you? Or… Just you, an even healthier, an even greater, an even better you!

There is this point we will never forget: the rest is as important as anything else. So, after all those fantastic festivities, we will just take it easy for five minutes, and give our bodies, spirits and minds the rest they deserve. Because, the root of a good health, is growing from a good rest! Not only to feel more energized and physically stronger, but also to feel deeply invigorated, peaceful, bright and optimistic, and to have that fantastic ability of turning any challenging situations onto wonderful opportunities. 🌟

So we will want to set ourselves comfortable, to close our eyes, to take a deep breath, and why not to meditate, just for a couple minutes…

And if you ever feel that rest can wait, feel pleased to have a look at the surprising benefits of sleep listed by the Health‘s blog, whenever you will love to.

Above all, I wish you a wonderful, healthy, peaceful, strong, happy and lovely year, full of the bestest. I can’t wait for us to grow together.

Meanwhile, let’s relax with this helpful meditation video from The Honest Guys :

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