Year ending festivities… Such a wonderful time of the year! The time to share love and time with the beloved ones. To do something we love, help others, hug others, smile and shine, with the people we love to be surrounded by, rather they are family, friends, this beautiful being next door, or some communities we always wanted to help. This is a lot of love yes! 🤗

And yet we know, it is also about chocolate, chicken, turkey, smocked salmon, foie gras, yummy dishes, fried plantains, chocolate, champagne, Yule Logs, sweet potatoes, winter fruit, mulled wine, candied chestnuts, loads of traditional and original festive meals, and chocolate. We said it, a bit of carbs, fats and sugar… The (almost) nice ones! For this special time of the year, we have all rights, excepted the one to miss on treating ourselves the way we deserve… right ?

And because we won’t necessarily have time to hit the gym or go for a run, we will only use those 5 mins to sweat a bit, and to enjoy those sweets.

Here is a super fast and effective HIIT workout by Blowfex.  Sweat that out, and have some wonderful year ending festivities!


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