Don’t go nuts… Eat them!

Nuts… Not only are they yummy, tasty, crunchy, easily accessible and affordable. They are also a wonderful ally for your health and fitness!

On nutritional facts, they are a great source of proteins, healthy fats, and clean carbs. They can also help on lowering the bad cholesterol, and on boosting your metabolism. As the closest to nature a food will be, the better it will be absorbed by your organism, and used in healthy ways.

Remember, the main hiccup with highly processed and refined food is that it tends tonut nordwood-themes-475566-unsplash contain many extra ingredients (to improve shelf life, taste, texture, appearance or even digestion). Sad news is that those many extra ingredients are not always used by your body… Simply because your body does not need those, and won’t naturally know how to burn them easily, nor to convert them onto pure energy. And the result will be simple: it will stock the extra, and most of time in extra fat! But good news is: nuts and seeds are outta here, and are so nice to deal with! (Although allergy concerns may be a real challenge for some of us, hopefully there will be some kind of nuts among the diverse varieties that will suit us).

So why chose between the convenience and the health, or between the taste and the fitness, when you can actually have both! Try out some of those super quick and easy trail mixes, proposed by BuzzFeed Nifty (NB: The chocolate and candies will just be your own choice šŸ˜œ).

For more facts about nuts and health, I also came across a helpful article from Healthline.

With health and yumminess!


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